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Child + Me fitness is a way of approaching exercise that everybody is talking about! The workouts are results oriented, fun and in a supportive environment, and we have something for everyone; Strength building fitness classes, Zumba, yoga and more! With the childhood obesity epidemic, being active with your children shows them the value of self-care, a healthy lifestyle and incorporating movement into their lives.

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Stork & Sprout


Stork & Sprout provides a full range of services to support your growing family; from childbirth education to labor and delivery assistance, and continuing with postpartum help. They are an experienced team of birth and baby specialists who focus on helping new and expecting parents have the best possible experiences. They also offer apprenticeship programs for new doulas who are interested in gaining expertise.

Baby Boot Camp


Why is breastfeeding important?

How does breastfeeding benefit me as a mother?

How does breastfeeding benefit my baby?

A member of my family does not support breastfeeding, what should I do?